Our Hardwoods product line is handcrafted from premium-grade woods. With this product you get the richness and beauty of real wood and a true, furniture-quality product.

  • Choose from many standard paint or stain finishes or we match your color.
  • Arches, sunbursts and specialty shapes, including circles, ovals and more.
  • Classic Style with front tilt-rod control or hidden tilt-rod.
  • Wider panel widths available.
  • Decorative framing options.
  • Louver sizes: 2½”, 3½”, 4½”.
Our Poly Shutters are manufactured from PVC composite.These shutters are extremely durable and energy efficient. In addition, this product is very well suited for wet areas such as shower enclosures or sink areas.

  • Choice of White or Off-White finish
  • Classic Style with front tilt-rod control or  hidden tilt
  • Decorative framing
  • Louver sizes: 2½”, 3½”, 4½”
  • Won’t warp, crack, chip or peel
  • Looks and feels like real wood, no snap-together parts
  • Fire-retardant
  • Water repellant & weatherproof